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International Shipping

Not in the US, Canada, or Australia?  How to get your Vitality Smartcable.

We have found that the best way for many international customers to acquire their Vitality Smartcable is through an expert international forwarder like those companies shown below.  Nemechek Technologies will ship your purchase free of charge to the United States address provided to you by the forwarder. They then make international shipping arrangements.


Here’s how it works: 

  1. You set up an account with one of these shipping companies.
  2. That company then gives you a shipping address in the U.S..
  3. You place an order with Nemechek Technologies using the U.S. shipping address provided by the forwarder.
  4. Nemechek Technologies ships the order to the U.S. address - All shipping within the U.S. is free of charge.
  5. When the shipping company receives your package, they then charge you for the international shipping.
  6. Upon receipt of payment, they then forward the package to you.

Package Specifications:

  • Final weight is approximately 14 oz. (396.89 grams)
  • Dimensions are 10" x 7" x 5" inches (25.4 x 17.78 x 12.7cm)

These companies specialize in shipping internationally, allowing you to buy our products more easily and receive them quickly. You may even save money with their discounted volume shipping rates.